Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making it Home: Christmas Letters

Between submitting final grades, working on my prospectus, and hurrying through a mess of other end-of-semester-and-I-am-leaving-town errands, I managed to sustain one of my favorite Christmas traditions: sending Christmas cards.  My powers of verbal formulation are dwindling fast (it is nearly 5 AM and still have things to do before boarding my train home for Christmas in a few hours), but both as a follow up to my recent post on letter-writing and as an introduction to an upcoming series of Christmas posts, I wanted to share a few of my past Christmas letters. You can click the images to make them large enough to read. I hope you enjoy. 
Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2009
(I’m not sure what happened to 2008. Maybe I’ll find the file when I’m not so sleepy). I'll post this year's letter in a few weeks, once I'm sure all the snail-mail recipients have received their copies. Be of good cheer during this last week of Advent. Christmas is coming!

Do you send Christmas cards and/or a Christmas letter? What do you include in your Christmas letters? What kinds of Christmas letters do you most enjoy reading? 

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