Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Storytime: The Snow Queen, Conclusion

I fully intended to conclude my reading of "The Snow Queen" within the Twelve Days of Christmas, but I was happily busy with contemplation, family, and travel until Epiphany.  However, since neither my conscience nor my aesthetic has much patience for unfinished stories, I am now posting the remaining installments of "The Snow Queen." These were recorded back in Texas, in my kitchen on a cold and rainy January night.  I hope you enjoy these. I'm especially fond of Part 5, which features a little robber girl who is both murderous and kind-hearted.
The Fourth Story, In Which Appear a Prince and a Princess

The Fifth Story, Which Is About The Robber Girl

The Sixth Story: The Lapp Woman and the Finnish Woman

The Seventh Story: What Happened In The Snow Queen's Palace and Afterward

What do you think of the conclusion of the story? What do you make of Kai's "game of reason" and Gerda's power to rescue him?

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