Monday, June 6, 2011

Back Home Again in Indiana

Between packing up and moving out, taking a train from Texas to Indiana, and scrambling to finish a draft of my first dissertation chapter, I've been a bit preoccupied for the last two weeks.  However, I have several posts planned from my Hoosier homeland (my childhood home, though not my birthplace).  Tonight, a bit of nostalgia.

Earlier this year, I posted some reflections on gardens as a way of understanding home, and I included one of my favorite pictures -- a snapshot of my father with me in his garden, sometime around 1987, when he was a trim 30-something, and I was a wee wisp of a girl. More than twenty years later, we decided we needed an updated version.

Squinting against the sun in 1987. I wish my father still wore those shoes.

Still squinting in 2011. I'm smiling goofily here, but I promise I was happy.

Tonight, I'm thankful that this house is still home, even more thankful for the people in it, and glad to see my father's garden still grows.  What makes you grateful today?


  1. What a great idea--making over favorite photos! And--your blog makes me grateful. It's like a breath of air. :)

  2. :) Today, I'm also grateful for a childhood home that still provides comfort and refuge in adulthood. I'm grateful for children who (mostly) play nicely together and for a husband who's safe and enjoying himself at a conference. :)

    Tomorrow, I'll be grateful for strawberries and a really great friend!!