Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Writing a dissertation, applying for jobs, leading a new lifegroup, preserving time for  friends and  solitude: these are quick and beautiful days, but very, very full. Until I make some time for writing (writing that isn't my dissertation, that is) here are two glimpses of home I'd like to share with you. These pictures should help you understand why I love living with a woman who has an eye for beauty and a heart that ministers to others, and with an an engineer whose quiet sense of humor is one way he cares for his friends and family.

Jenn brought me this rose from one of the weddings she coordinated.
In the middle of making bread, I had to leave for a few hours. When I returned, this is what I found.

Thank you, God, for days that are full of good work, and homes that are full of grace.

What does your home look like this autumn? How are you and yours spending your days?

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