Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bay of the Holy Spirit

Today was a homeless Sabbath. Instead of singing hymns from a familiar pew, I spent the morning behind the wheel of my Honda Accord, praising God for unbelievably light traffic as we headed east out of Houston. As we drove, my mother and I discussed many of the details surrounding this trip we are making in order to settle the question of where I will live when I move to Alabama this summer. This is an exciting topic, but hardly a restful one.

At the Alabama Welcome Center, I collected an array of brochures and pamphlets about this new part of the world I will call home. I was most intrigued by a picture of a historical marker with "The Bay of the Holy Spirit" engraved at the top. It told of sixteenth-century Spanish explorers who returned from their adventures with tales of a haven they had named "The Bay of the Holy Spirit." Later explorers concluded that the Bay of Mobile is this harbor. After miles of signs for gun shows, adult superstores, and casinos along I-10, this  story startled me. How fitting, in these early days after Pentecost, to travel to the Bay of the Holy Spirit to seek my home. I want to make my haven in a place that is fable-come-true, consecrated to the Comforter.

Now let's see if I can figure out a way to explain that to a realtor.....

Public Domain image by Harry Davis

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  1. Oh boy, this post brings me joy. how fitting, lovely. I hope you find that home.