Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hands do the talking

 (A guest post by Eric on this thirty-fifth day of Lent)

Lacking a picture representing how the work I did on my Grandfather's farm etched an image of home for me, I stumbled upon a picture I took of my Oma and Opa's hands.  This picture helped me realize the importance hands have on a home.  Hands might be the part of the body that physically accomplishes the most that make a house a home:  building a garden to provide fresh food to the family; repairing or putting things together for display; writing a letter, sending an email; calling friends and family; providing the warmth of physical touch when the day has required so much of you; and doing the dishes, which my hands find themselves doing so much at my home or at a friend's.  When I don't know or can't put in words the emotions I have, my hands do the talking, finding a place to perform those feelings in action.  I think they are the intimate workhorses of the body or the first responders to need.  Is there an image of hands that remind you of home?

Hands pictured (clockwise): Sam Rodgers, Jackie Bonvin, Eric McAnly, Caleb Fristoe

Hands pictured: Opa, Oma

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