Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Plan

For the next few months, at least, I am hoping to post here with more regularity and consistency. To that end, I am experimenting with a new plan for the kinds of posts I will put up each week.  Here's the plan:
I can do anything once I have made a list (or ten).

Monday: Sabbath Reflections
    Ever since I started this blog, I've wanted to write about how habits of Sabbath-keeping ground my understanding of home, work, church, and relationships.  Those reflections are too big for single post, so I am committing to begin each week with a short reflection on the Sabbath.

Tuesday: Songs for Pilgrims
    My longest iTunes playlist is called (rather unimaginatively) "Songs about Home." On Tuesdays, I will share a song from this list.

Wednesday: Life Together
    These posts will deal with questions about how relationships of all kind--including those shaped and formed by the church--"establish the solitary in a home" (Psalm 68.6)

Thursday: Hidden Graces (name subject to change)
    Thursdays will be a day for pictures -- one of the hidden moments of grace that make a place or moment feel like home.
Friday: Letters from Home  
     These posts will be letters I write--some of them will be real letters I have composed and sent, while others will be letters that--for one reason or another--I can never actually send. 
Saturday: Homemaking
    On Saturday I will write about some of the concrete habits and practices of homemaking--everything from DIY projects and farmers' markets to "Living More with Less" posts

This is, of course, a tentative plan, but I hope that the structure will serve me well. As I plan posts and refine this structure, I must ask, What kind of posts would interest you? What sorts of themes, questions, and topics would you like to read?

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  1. I love a good plan, and this, my dear, is a good plan.