Saturday, March 24, 2012

A dirty kitchen

(A guest post by Erin Sanders for this twenty-seventh day of Lent)

My kitchen is rarely spotless. It is a place I cook for my family and make treats for friends. I am sure that it could be clean, but I opt to leave it a bit messy. I choose to take the time I have with my friends and family to engage them while they are with me rather than squander it by cleaning a few dirty dishes that can wait 'til later.

On a similar note, when I visit a friend's place, it feels like home when I head to their kitchen and find a cup in their cabinets, a drink in their fridge, or prepare something for us and/or our children to partake. There is a level of comfort and a sense of true community that is afforded me when I am able to hunt through a kitchen on a whim.

There is truly something about shared food and drink that is unmatched by any other experience.

My dirty kitchen is a testament to basic needs being met and hours of conversation that have taken place both inside and outside the walls of my apartment.

My dirty kitchen, and the kitchens of others are my home.

Erin is a wife to Brian & momma of 3 princesses (Mackenzie - 5 1/2, Kyleigh 1 1/2 & Kaitlyn 5 months). She has a passion for sharing life with others over a plate of cookies or while serving up a home-cooked meal.

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