Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home is belonging

(A guest post by Everly on this thirty-first day of Lent)

 Home is where I can be myself. Where my outside and my inside are both recognized and matched. Where I am looked at and seen. Where I am understood or at least aimed for. Home is where my jokes are funny and my outbursts are forgiven. Where my silence is let be and my chatter is accepted. Where my work is appreciated, my laziness is treated with patience, my silliness is welcomed and my solitude is scarce. Home is where I am part of something greater than myself and yet home is where I am greatest. Home is sharing the burden and feeling it not. Home is where I am just a gear in the whirring machine, yet valued and content. Home is belonging.

Everly is a homebody from a family of ten (now eleven-welcome brother-in-law!) She lives on a lovely little plot called Eyrie Park where she writes, cooks, teaches and thrives.

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